Engagement in with smoke bombs in Granada

We were looking forward to show you this Boho-engagement with smoke bombs in Granada. Marina and Alberto are a couple who are living the preparations for their wedding in Granada with an incredible illusion.

They explained to us that for their engagement, they wanted something that was related to the boho theme of their wedding, so our photographers' heads started to think about it. We always tell you that it is very important for us to know you, and that you are not just another couple. We can't stand always doing the same job or the same photos for everyone and when we know how you are, we can understand you much better and give you natural and unique pictures. To prepare this pre-wedding we chose very well the wardrobe that matched the desert location, and that they loved. We love to meet you before the engagement session, and have some "tapas" while we talk about what you are going to wear or the place where we will take the pictures. There is nothing better than a good beer to get to know each other and have a great time.

Marina chose a white dress with touches of crochet and lace with a fringed vest on top. She also brought her vintage suitcase that has accompanied them on their travels around the world and of course her inseparable ukulele that she plays beautifully. Marina is a very peculiar bride, with a beautiful voice and an overwhelming energy that floods everything around her with positivism. Alberto was very excited to debut his super cork suspenders that he had bought in a store in the center of Granada and that contrasted very well with his shirt and jeans. You know that we love to play with aesthetics and accessories and we got a very cool look for a different engagement. The final touch was the smoke bombs, I can't tell you how many laughs we had lighting them and thinking that they were going to explode or drown us with the smoke. At sunset we found a huge meadow that with the sunset was bathed in ocher tones and love put the finishing touch to a wonderful evening.

The result of this Boho-engagement with smoke bombs in Granada has been amazing. We had so much fun with you guys in every picture….. By the end of this post you will realize that photo by photo there is a story of two soul mates in a mix of feelings. This is how we like to work, telling your story, with photographs that identify you. You are not just another couple, you are not a copy of others.

They are Marina and Alberto and this is their story….

Photographers: Love Wanderers