Wedding at the Cortijo de Enmedio in Granada

There are couples that we cannot explain the love they have for each other. It's something that you notice, that you see and feel in every gesture, look… Rocío and Fran are one of those couples and the illusion that made them celebrate their wedding we can not describe it with words, so we want to express it with the best we know how to do, the photographs of their wedding at Cortijo de Enmedio in Granada. They celebrated their religious wedding in San Pedro and San Pablo, next to the Paseo de los Tristes in Granada. Afterwards, the party continued at the Cortijo de Enmedio in Granada and they enjoyed moments of fun and joy that we were able to live by their side. In this post you will see how their joy is contagious and their wedding photographs reflect that joy and naturalness that characterizes them. Because when you are yourself, things flow and with them, all the incredible moments that you are going to live on your big day. That's our philosophy, to leave you literally "at your own pace" and you won't notice that the wedding photographers are out there directing every moment. If that happens, as the years go by, you won't remember your photographs fondly and that's the worst thing that can happen if you don't choose the right people who have the responsibility of keeping your most precious memories. "Live, enjoy, smile and spread the happiness you feel on your wedding day to everyone."