Micro-Wedding in Granada

Granada is wonderful for many reasons, and one of them is the amount of different places where we can do your couple session before or after the wedding. The Alhambra, the Albaicin, the center of Granada, has spectacular forests, incredible mountain areas and we also have the opportunity to go to other places with great beaches that are a few kilometers from the city like Malaga, or Almeria. The time of the year also brings its magic to each place and the autumn colors are perfect to go to the countryside and enjoy sunsets and a very special light in your post wedding photos. Fran and Rocío wanted their couple session after the wedding to be very natural and outdoors. Rocío loves to see the sun, and that's why we chose this countryside location where they could move freely and with a sunset of incredible colors. They were both very excited to wear their wedding dresses again, Rocío's by Spanish designer Franc Sarabia and Fran's by Silbon. Don't miss this beautiful scenery, the sunlight and a couple happy to have found each other among so many people in the world.