Lovely wedding at Huerta del Sello in Granada

We love civil weddings and more if they are outdoors, so today we bring you a very special one in the Huerta del Sello in Granada. This farm, is one of the most beautiful places to celebrate your wedding if you are thinking of getting married in Granada. Maria and Antonio are a very simple and affectionate couple who above all were looking for naturalness in their big day and a lot of desire to have a good time. After the preparations of both bride and groom, the civil ceremony was very emotional and full of family and friends who didn`t want to miss such an important moment for Maria and Antonio. They dedicated some precious words to the bride and groom during the ceremony that made the couple very happy. A cocktail full of delicacies and a wonderful jazz band was waiting for them right after the civil ceremony and everyone had a great time toasting to the health of the bride and groom. The meal took place in the great hall of the Huerta del Sello, where everything was ready to continue enjoying the day in the best company. Gifts, bouquets delivery, speeches and lots of joy seasoned with one of the best wedding catering in Granada in this Andalusian farmhouse. When you have finished the desserts we love to take advantage of those little rays of sunset light to take some very special couple pictures. The light at this moment is so beautiful that the pictures speak for themselves. The bridal dance and the party we had afterwards was amazing so we won't go into it any further. Enjoy this wonderful wedding!!