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Love Wanderers - Destination Wedding in Malaga
Destination Wedding in Nice, France
Love Wanderers - Destination French Wedding in Cabo de Gata, Almería
Wedding in Cortijo de Enmedio, Granada
Love Wanderers - Wedding in Granada, Spain
Love Wanderers - Wedding in Andalusia, Spain

Telling Love Stories

The world never stops and love is it’s fuel.

We all look for that love and when finally find the person who completes us, we want to grow old by his side.

Be in love makes you unique, different, real… you stop thinking about yourself, to start thinking about “us”. When that happens, you know you will always be together. Forever? Yes… this dream exists and it’s not impossible. But is only understood for people who had love truly, without limits, with no excuses, without conditions.

That’s how we are, two crazy lovers in the search of wonderful stories wherever your love takes us. We’ll love to be your wedding photographers and have fun in this adventure that you have just started.

Love Wanderers - Isabel & Antonio


“The perfect storm”

Once upon a time, someone told us that we were “the prefect storm”. A bunch of feelings and emotions that define our photography style. Our style shows how we feel love and everything that happens around it.

We are different from other photographers and if you start this adventure with us, you will know why. Your are not just “another couple” and that’s why you are special. We will be at your wedding taking amazing pictures of awesome moments. We know how important is this day and we want you to live it fully. With the pictures of your wedding day, you will see the real value of memories that becomes heritage.

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